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NOLALOCAL : It's fun to say, and I'm also fortunate enough to be in that number. It is my birthplace, as well my my mindset. There is ALWAYS something to do, see, hear, and even taste with our abundance of food and music festivals . It's often a matter of too MANY things to do, rather than too few, and one of the many things I love about my home. 

The Gardner Realtors Company is also NOLALOCAL; it was started in 1943 by Gertrude Gardner, and the flagship office is still located on Maple St. in the Riverbend area. It is still a hands on family run business, and it feels good to work with like minded people who are deeply invested in our community . 

Being a local has also allowed me to build numerous long term relationships with many people . I've worked in various clubs and music venues over the years, both managing and bartending. Doing this line of work has put me in contact

with people from all walks of life; it has really has broadened my social sphere over the years, and I'm so grateful for these experiences and relationships.  The live music is a nice bonus, too ! 

I can draw many parallels from working in clubs to being a Realtor;  both provide a service, but with the potential to build a lasting relationship . I may only serve you one drink, or maybe you become a regular, and I get to know your name, what you like to drink, what music you like, who your friends are, and I build up a relationship with YOU !  I prefer going to bars where I know and have a relationship with the bartender; when I'm bartending, I prefer having a mix of both my regulars and new customers. 

I like to run my Business the same way; I prefer to build relationships if given the opportunity to to so; it allows me to provide a better service to my customers, whether it's buying or selling property, or having " the usual" ready to serve up if that's what the customer wants .  Maybe you're tired of "the usual" and want something different; I want to help you find something new and interesting that suits you . 

Whether you are a local, a transplant, or even thinking about moving here, I hope you will consider me as someone you may want to build a lasting relationship with as your Trusted Real Estate Advisor.  


A personal bit about me : I live in Bayou St. John, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New Orleans.  My perfect lazy day would be spent at City Park with my husband and my pup, having a picnic.  We would watch the pelicans fish while listening to the wind chimes in the oaks hum their meditative tune ...